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Wedding Cake Toppers

We are proud to announce a brand new product range from Metal Bonsai Studio, wedding cake toppers.

The concept is each colour represents a person in the relationship, with their separate roots each coming from their own unique experiences and life. As the roots meet they start entwining with each other, separate at first but as we move up the trunk they been together seamlessly before becoming branches. The final part is the foliage where the two are mixed together randomly which completed the tree of their relationship and love.

Each tree is carefully made to follow this concept, of which as a happily married man feel encapsulates what love is. The trees are mounted on clear acrylic bases which allow them to blend into the cake seamlessly and after the big event, they can be cleaned off and placed in your home to remind you of the day.

See what toppers we have in stock now!

Naturally these trees can be made to match the colour scheme of any wedding, permitting I can get the right wire. If you are interested, then send me a message and we can start planning your cake topper.

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One of a kind wire sculpture?

I find myself wondering why I don’t just “crank out” a load of wire tree sculptures and make money doing it, today I learned why.

Another talented wire tree artist has run a kickstarter campaign and within this he offered 30 low level trees for x amount of £, amount many other higher offerings. Everyone looked identical and at this point I must admit I was quite jealous. He exceeded his campaign and I am very happy for him.

This brought me to a question, can I make clone trees, can I make two identitcal trees? No, the answer is no! Even when I am producuing identical 2 trees they end up different, and I am not 100% why.

To clarify this was a twist for twist production line style creation of the two trees, I started as always with a batch of wire which I spun into a nice and simple root cluster. From there I created the trunks and stared splitting off the branches. Now even with a ruler it is impossible to make the splits the same and so the differences would eventually emerge. Once at the top of the tree I would then work back down making the foliage clumps.

There are a few factors at play here with regard to why I cannot make them the same, one of which is I use far significantly thinner wire than our example artist. My style seems to be the opposite to other wire tree artist, as is the way I do it (as above) and my foliage style (which is original as far as I am aware?!) The other may be my subconscious knowing that every tree in nature is unique, and even the same species will grow differently every time. Uniqueness.

I even intended our example to be identical, so where does that leave me? Well I am happy creating one of a kind wire tree sculptures and that is all that matters. I don’t feel the need to pursue a crowd funding campaign, and our example artist may have £25+k in the bank I am sure the creativity will slowly drain from the artist. I may be wrong but it is simply something that won’t work for me. This is not to say I don’t wish I could achieve that style of promotion myself but with the variety of the wire trees I create I couldnt produce as such a realiable result.

Anyway, below is a picture of my two “clones”, bad arnt they! Enjoy!



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Inspirational Artists- Clive Maddison

In the world of wire tree sculptures there are only really a few styles, realistic and stylised (think Ken To!). To make a tree out of wire that looks like a tree is relatively simple (not to say it does’t take a lot of skill to do) but to make it look exactly like a species of tree whether it be Oak, Cork, Scots Pine, can only be done by a very talented artist. The artist I am talking about is Clive Maddison.

Clive’s tree are outstanding representations of real world tree species and made out of only wire. A lot of his work is based on beautiful pieces of wood which display the tree well. Like myself I suspect Clive realises the beauty juxtaposition of a wire tree on a wood base. To really understand all this fanboyism you have to visit his website and drool over his outstanding work. Based in the UK, Clive is an artist of many levels with other areas of his website including model ship building, violin making, poem writing and more. He displays his tree sculptures in variety of shops and galleries in the UK.

Clive’s work is stunning, inspirational and I am a massive fan. When I first saw his art my mind was blown and it still is every time I look at his art.

Image belongs to Clive Maddison.