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Why the type of wire matters

In this post I am going to be explaining about choosing the correct wire for the job. Making a wire tree with any old wire can influence the production time and final result, changing the overall feel of the tree.

I decided to do an experiment and make 2 trees, of very similar design but use 2 different thicknesses of wire. The first tree I made used 0.6mm wire and the second used 0.3mm wire. Now naturally I needed twice as much of the thinner wire to make the trunk roughly the same thickness but what I didn’t expect was the difference in time. The thicker wire tree took 3 hours to make where as the thinner wire tree took 6 hours, double the time. Now it may seem obvious because I had twice as much wire to work with but I kind of expected the thinner wire tree to take a bit less time than it did, I don’t know why I thought that!

Moving onto the visual aspect of the two trees, the thicker wire doesn’t offer as thicker foliage as there isn’t as much of it however I knew the roots would be nicer as the thicker wires make more pleasant root structures. The thinner tree has a nice mix of colours which does lend the views eye to the thinner tree more so, and with plumper foliage looks more filled out. The thinner wire offers a smoother looks to the trunk and branches where as the thicker has more of a grainy look, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing on a tree sculpture.


Closing thoughts, I feel that the thicker wire tree is like an entry level model, it’s efficient and does it job quickly and due to the time spent at a good price point also. The thinner wire is more of the luxury model, it takes a lot

longer to make but offers a far superior product as the result. Ultimately everyone has a personal preference and budget but it’s nice to know that I have got both bases covered.


Which do you prefer, the thinner tree or the thicker tree?



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