About the artist

How did it come about?

This all started when I was at a meal and fiddling with a muselet from a  bottle (the wire which holds the cork on). Without thinking I began to bend the wire and tried to make a tree out of it. Having been interested in bonsai I took the cap and used it as a pot for the tree. At the time little did I know it would lead to the creation of metal bonsai trees you see here on this website. I wish I had kept it also to compare.

How do you actually make the trees?

All the trees regardless of metal type are made from lengths of strands of wire, sometimes over 150 meters is used on a single tree. I twist and bend these strands into the shape of the tree, create the foliage if desired and then put it in a pot or on a decorative base or plinth. I use mame bonsai pots for the bonsai trees and they are fixed in and soil and moss effects added. On my blog I have

Why Trees?

Although I have spent over 30 years on this earth it has only come to my attention the beauty and strength of trees. Once awakened to such a thing you realize they are everywhere, gentle giants which we share the planet with. I have always been interested in bonsai but have never been very good at keeping them alive, although I am making more of an effort now in this area.


My first tree was, whats the kind way to say it, original?! Without even considering the biology of trees I first has to figure out how to bend wire. Now that may sound simple until you try it! Below is my very first tree, it took around 4 hours to make and sat in a soy sauce dish. The tree next to it is made of copper and took over 20 hours to make and is a beautiful green mame bonsai pot. Needless to say there was a vast improvement!

The Future

I aspire to create such art to a level of Clive Maddison, Alrik Greenland and Ken To, so I will keep creating trees and developing my own personal style and expression.

And Your Name?

Oh I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Matthew Gollop, I am 32 at the time of writing this, I am married to my soul mate Amee and we have a french bulldog called Chester. I reside in Norfolk, England which is a beautiful tree filled landscape.