• Gold informal wire bonsai sculpture in Kawada pot by Metal Bonsai MG280
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    The Golden Oldies – Gold Wire Tree

    While reviewing some of my stock I noticed some stunning gold wire tree sculptures I had made years ago. Now, 80’s music aside, gold brings to my mind feelings if decadence, elegance and quality. It also brings to mind the gorgeous golden hues you can see all around you during the stunning autumnal months here in the UK. I felt it was the right time to remember and celebrate these the golden oldies; at this glowing golden time of the year. As the leaves are turning, and this very bizarre year is slipping by, I felt it would be nice to create a little video of these ‘golden oldie’ trees.…

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    The Pandora Collection

    Occasionally I feel inspired to create a collection of complementary wire tree sculptures. After watching ‘The Avatar’ I really wanted to create pieces where trees were growing on floating rocks. This collection would have to have at least one cascade style tree – as this is what naturally occurs on rockey terrain and cliff faces; the collection would definitely be missing something without it. I also wanted to push my creative boundaries by encorporating other bonsai styles into the rocky bases. For the stone itself I wanted to choose a rock that would have an ethereal feel, as though they could be floating yet still look realistic – well as…

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    Cascade Trees

    Cascade trees are a style of wire tree sculpture that I really enjoy creating. They are elegant and flow so beautifully, really displaying a natural grace and calming presence. The traditional name for the cascade style is ‘kengai’ and they can be a semi-casde or full cascade. A semi-cascade bonsai tree typically has branches growing at a 45 degree angle away or curving around the base. The foliage usually only reached the top of the pot and should appear balanced and support its own weight. These trees depict a scenario where the tree is growing on a steep vertical slope,such as a cliff face, or near a river and the…

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    Copper, aqua and bronze commission

    I recently undertook a new commission piece for a friend who lives locally. This was a nice project to work on as the bonsai tree style and colour combination of the wire were completey picked by the recipient. They chose a colour combination I wouldnt have thought to use myself and it allowed me to create a piece outside of my usual colour pallette. This lovely little wire tree sculpture was made in the upright informal style; the trunk has beautifully balanced bends in it. It makes for a rounded and visually stunning final design. The colours that were settled on consist of aqua, copper and bronze. I always offer…

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    Fairy Tree

    One of my more recent non-commision pieces is this playful piece. It is made up of four complementary colour choices consisting of: green; violet; champagne and blue. The colours are very subtle for a multicolour tree and take on an almost pastel, sherberty effect. My muse for this was to make a fairy or magical forest inspired tree. This is a very unique piece, I haven’t done others with this lovely colour combination to date and it would make a truly unique wire tree sculpture for a collector or as a thoughtful gift. The tree comes based up in a blue glazed clay bonsai pot complete with faux-moss and tufts…

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    Instagram 1K Giveaway

    I am so happy to have reached 1000 followers on Instagram! To say thank you and show my appreciation I’m celebrating with a giveaway! To win the lovely little autumnal tree featured in this post you need to: •Follow @metal_bonsai•Like the competition post•Tag a friend in the competition post comments I will cover worldwide shipping, there will be zero cost to the winner. This lovely little autumnal wire tree sculpture comes fully based up ready for its forever home. A piece like this would usually be listed for around the £100 mark. Just to note – this giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with,…

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    Rainbow tree

    This is a tree I made just after the birth of my son – that was almost a year ago now, the mind boggles! ? I wanted to do a piece for the LGBTQ+ community and decided on a rainbow tree ? I made it as bright as I could! What do you think of the final piece? It took a long time to make and I was unsure of the colour combination and how the rainbow transitions up the tree; but it turned out quite balanced in my opinion. This tree was snapped up pretty quickly so it is no longer in stock. I do take commission requests though.

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    Autumnal Tree in gorgeous green glazed pot

    This tree has been crafted with the inspiration if autumn behind it. I have selected firery colours as you would see when the leaves start to change colour in preparation for winter. This little tree is not for sale. I have something special in mind for it. Head over to my Instagram page and follow me to see what’s in store for it.

  • Green Crystal Bead Wire Tree Sculpture on driftwood base by Metal Bonsai MG262-7
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    Crystal Bead Collection

    I have compiled a selection of my crystal bead wire tree sculptures into a video. When I was going over my past wire tree sculptures I was surprised with just how many if these crystal trees I have crafted. Attaching the beads to the wire is a very time intensive task and hundreds of hours of work have gone into these trees. The majority of these pieces have found their forever homes with collectors, or been purchased as gifts for loved ones. A few are still available. If one catches your eye contact me to see if it is still available. If it isn’t I am also open for commissions,…

  • Set of 4 Flame Patina Copper Collection by Metal Bonsai MG282
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    Summer to Autumn 2017- Trees created

    Here is a round up of the wire tree sculptures I created between Summer and Autumn 2017. There is a nice selection of crystal bead trees and all wire trees along with some experimentation with flame patina effects and ageing effects using liver of sulphur. Music: Jeff Kaale Mai Tai via Soundcloud