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Copper, aqua and bronze commission

I recently undertook a new commission piece for a friend who lives locally. This was a nice project to work on as the bonsai tree style and colour combination of the wire were completey picked by the recipient. They chose a colour combination I wouldnt have thought to use myself and it allowed me to create a piece outside of my usual colour pallette.

This lovely little wire tree sculpture was made in the upright informal style; the trunk has beautifully balanced bends in it. It makes for a rounded and visually stunning final design.

The colours that were settled on consist of aqua, copper and bronze. I always offer a selection of colours based on the concept and let the client chose their favourite combination. The copper and bronze differ subtly offering a shadowed contrast. The aqua then provides a tertiary highlight which contrasts against the orange tones of the other two wires. It came together very well and the final tree is nicely balanced and would provide a lovely statement piece in any home.

To finish the tree off I then settled on a black, rounded, high gloss bonsai pot to completely juxtapose the tree and ground it. The pot was chosen to best match the wire bonsai. If the recipient would have preferred a different pot I would have happily accommodated this. Faux moss and grass were then used to create a natural serene base as though it was growing in the wild. The roots of the tree twist into the ground replicating a tree growing in substrate.

What are your thoughts on this wire tree sculpture? I would love to hear your opinions.


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