Wire Tree Sculpture Care & FAQs

Do you have a question about wire tree sculpture care, repair or shipping? The most common questions I get asked are answered right here. This includes advice on wire tree sculpture care, my exclusive repair service and other topics. Click below to jump to the topic of your interest or scroll on to read through all the FAQs.

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Q: How do I care for a metal bonsai tree?

A: Great question! Wire tree sculpture care is an important topic, they are not difficult to care for but following a few basic tips will help your tree last for many years to come.

If dust accumulates then I would recommend using a soft small brush (like a watercolour paint brush etc.) and gently dust the tree. Do not use varnishes or cleaning products on your sculpture. When placing your tree sculpture in your home I would not recommend using a window area as direct UV exposure for prolonged periods can tarnish the wire.

Exposure to fluctuations in temperature may lead to damage due to rapid expansion and contraction of the sculptures materials. I would strongly advise against keeping a wire tree sculpture outdoors or in an area such as a green house/conservatory. The sculptures are not waterproof and they are fragile. Damage is highly likely if they are dropped or grabbed by the foliage.

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Q: Help I’ve bent a branch, what should I do?

A: The trees are made of aluminium, copper or silver wire which is fairly supple, avoid letting the sculpture fall or dropping something on the tree. If the worse happens and your tree is mildly damaged then (if you feel confident) you can attempt to gently bend the branch or foliage back into place. For bonsai enthusiasts gentle rearrangement of the foliage is possible if you are very careful. I am happy to offer a repair service to my customers for trees they have accidentally damaged, contact me to learn more. You can also contact me through social media messenger if you would prefer.

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Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes we do, worldwide shipping is free of charge and all trees come securly packaged and full insured with tracking information provided. We use Royal Mail for most parcels, please see their website for rough delivery times.

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Q: The tree I like is out of stock, now what?

A: If a tree you love has already been sold then you could always use this as inspiration for a commission piece. This would also have the added bonus of being customisable exactly to your liking. I can source specific pots and wire colours. All the trees displayed in the metalbonsai store state the stock level, if in doubt please feel free to contact me.

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