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Inspirational Artists- Alarik Greenland

Alarik Greenland is an amazing wire sculptor with a style that take his trees to the next level. Built out of wire, Alarik’s trees have a natural looks to them with very organic style roots, moving up to the foliage his trees are covered with thousands of glass leaves. Each leaf is individually threaded and an entire tree can take a month to complete. Just when you think his work cannot get any better, Alarik sources is basing material of driftwood from the riverbed in his local area in Devon. He dives under the water and looks for a piece of wood which could be a couple of hundreds of years old and mounts his beautiful trees on top.

Featured on BBC’s Country File, Alarik Greenland is a master wire tree sculptor injecting new style into the traditional “wire bead tree”, certainly an inspiration to me and anyone who encounters his work.

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