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Inspirational Artists- Ken To

Although there are only a hand full of artists on this planet making wire tree sculptures, the ones who exist are truly amazing. Being a bonsai enthusiast it was only a matter of time before I would come across the work of Ken To ( and his amazing bonsai trees. Ken’s style is unique, these beautiful little sculptures are made from his studio in California in the US. His trees exhibit careful execution of bonsai styling while remaining very small. Some of his more interesting pieces include trees in baubles, group displays on small rocks and even one tree smaller than a thumbnail! Ken enjoys using coloured wires to create his trees and uses them for contrast and to represent parts of the trees like shari and jin (deadwood). He has a expert understand of bonsai styles and forms which shows though in his art, from informal upright, cascade, groups and on rock designs to name just a few.

I have a lot of respect for Ken and his work, he is inspirational to me. Ken if you read this, thanks for being great!

If you are looking for small bonsai style wire tree sculptures from an experienced artisan, I would highly recommend visiting Ken’s website or Facebook.

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