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Large Oval Koi Pot Pond

I went through a creative period where I really enjoyed making pot ponds. These are miniature dioramas of a pond, complete with: substrate, terrain, wildlife and vegetation.

My vision was to make a realistic, scaled version of a pond. My wife has small pot pond that she keeps by the front door and cherishes. The pond featured in this post was created for a valued customer who has become a friend. He commissioned this piece with an initial focus on the pot. He wanted an impressive pot; which I sourced especially for this sculpture. The scene was then inspired by the pot.

Focal pieces of this pot pond are a slate coastline and custom hand painted koi fish. The fish are submerged at different levels in the pond and have traditional colouring patterns. Some of the fish are relaxing at the surface while others are feeding off the bottom. The surface has a rippled wave effect to depict a breezy day. This is a nice feature and contrasts well with some of my other pot ponds that have crystal clear waters.

I am really proud of this pot pond, it took a lot of work and we went through quite a bit of discussion to get it just right. I am glad to know it is held in a collection by a client that truly appreciates the work that has gone into it.

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