Pink and Blue Crystal Tree Sculpture (Baby Shower Gift)


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Baby Shower Tree Background

When my wife became pregnant with our son I felt very inspired to make a tree that is perfect for a baby shower. I came up with a concept of using both blue and pink crystal. This would make it a fantastic baby shower gift when the sex of the child is unknown. I also wanted a bead wire tree that was not just one colour, as something I had not done before. My aim was a fairly natural shaped tree and a crisp silver wire to make roots that would really pop against the walnut base.

Lots of love and attention has been paid to this baby shower gift tree. There are 400 crystals in this wire tree, all attached one by one and by hand. I carefully chose the wire to complement the subtle shading in the beads. I wanted a wire that would add to the tree; but not dominate it. The wire also had to tie in the walnut base to ensure the finished sculpture all tied in nicely.

I have based this on a walnut wooden presentation plinth. It would be at home in a variety of locations. You could: put this in a living room, on a mantle piece, use it as a dining table centre piece, have it on a bed side table…. the sky is the limit! Perhaps it would be wise to not place this tree in a nursery in reach of little fingers though!

The finished tree stands 170mm tall and has a lovely bounce in it when moved, due to the weight of the crystal beads. This is a lovely piece and I look forward to it finding its new forever home.


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If you have any questions regarding this baby shower tree (or any other wire tree sculptures) the do not hesitate to contact me. You can also reach me on instagram or facebook.


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