Rainbow Wire Tree


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The Inspiration

Embracing the multitude of gorgeous hues resonating from the trees this autumn I felt inspired to make a rainbow wire tree. I wanted to push boundaries and incorporate a whole myriad of brilliant and bright colours together in a single tree sculpture.  My aim was to celebrate all the beautiful tones you get through the natural seasons. These manage to blend gorgeously and yet have such contrast. The technical difficulty for the wire tree sculpture was picking the right colours (getting as many bright and varied colours as I could) while keeping a nicely composed and elegant piece. Different colour strands could easy mix and just become, well… a mess! Because of this I decided to carefully clump together same colour strands resulting in a patchwork effect throughout the foliage.

Colours Used

The colours I chose included: red, blue, vivid purple, leaf green, yellow, silver, copper, champagne, violet, aquamarine, vivid green, pink. Also, patchworking the foliage has really paid off. It was tricker to construct but the effort was really worth it. As a result the canopy and foliage on this wire tree possesses a stunning rainbow effect. And although there are over ten different coloured wire types, they blend beautifully and also contract. This is just like the colours you get in nature throughout the seasons and I achieved my goal.

This rainbow wire tree is a very unique piece; I have thought about it carefully and the preplanning has paid off. To finish I mounted the tree sculpture on a subtle light wood plinth. I didn’t want to add anything else to the colour palate of the piece. This tree reminds me of the LGBTQ+ tree I did based on the gay pride flag. Which do you prefer out of the two? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know.


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