Rose Gold Bonsai Sculpture


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I’ve made 331 wire tree sculptures to date (since 01/01/16) and this is the best I have made! Simple as that!

The tree is made using the following technique, the tree is crafted out of a rose gold coloured copper wire, which will not anodise. The trunk, branches and roots are then painted a complimentary colour, in this case a cool blue grey and the dry brushed multiple times to give texture and depth. This is then sealed with a varnish. The tree is the planted in a pot, now this pot is ridiculously perfect for this tree, with flecks of pink in the glaze, made by the prestigious artisans at Walsall Studio Ceramics. The piece is finished with faux soil, grass and moss effects.

The tree is 6″ tall. I recommend that this tree is always handled by picking up the pot, never the trunk.


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