Sharimiki Wire Bonsai


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Sharimiki Wire Bonsai tree in brown pot and moss base.

This wire tree sculpture features a large vein of dead wood (Sharimiki) running up through the trunk and along a branch. When deadwood is created along a branch it is traditionally called Jin and would occur as the result of a lightning strike or exposure to extreme elements, such as frost and snow.

An element of sharimiki on a bonsai is a sign of high skill in the owner – it is difficult to implement whilst maintaining a healthy tree and takes months (potentially years) to achieve.

To emulate this in a wire tree sculpture I have used harsher aluminium wire, there is a large branch of deadwood as the key focal piece. The living vein is represented in a delicate dark green wire and the wire art is finished in a dark brown glazed bonsai pot finished with flock.


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