Silver and Dark Purple Wedding Cake Topper Sculpture


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This is a wire tree sculpture ideal for weddings or anniversaries. It is made of two different coloured wires and is mounted on a clear acrylic base.

My concept behind the piece is that each colour represents a person in the relationship, their separate roots come together from their own unique experiences in life. As the roots meet they start entwining with each other, separate at first but as we move up the trunk they blend together seamlessly before becoming branches. The final part of the piece is the foliage where the two are mixed together randomly which completes the tree of their unified relationship and love.

This item is designed as a wedding cake topper and also doubles as a stand alone sculpture that couple can keep as a tasteful and meaningful memento of their special day. This item is great for anniversaries, vow-renewal and engagement celebrations as well.

Bespoke colours are available and I can make an entwining tree cake topper to order matching your colour scheme Рplease contact us for details and I can make you a bespoke sculpture.


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