Root Stand – Small Plinth For Wire Bonsai Art


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I created this root stand by hand in my UK workshop. Designed to emulate a natural root structure, it is a luxurious one of a kind piece. Many hours of work have gone into this small stand to ensure it is a top quality piece. My aim was to make it a piece of artwork in itself. I would be happy for this bonsai tree stand to be paired with any wire tree sculpture in my store. While sanding the root stand I made sure I paid very close attention to the grain of the wood and the intricate design to to create a super smooth, luxurious finish. To finish the stand I sealed it with a high gloss, brown glaze. The results really do speak for themselves.

Designed exclusively for indoor use the stand will pair nicely with a small wire tree sculpture. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions on pairing this bonsai plinth with any of my wire tree pieces.

My initial conception for my root stands was to crafted an elegant support for cascade style wire bonsai tree, where the foliage hangs lower than the base of the bonsai pot. Although, having said this, the root stand will look gorgeous with any small wire tree sculpture. It would also be suitable for a micro living plant; although it is not designed to be waterproof so care would need to be taken while tending to the plants.

Along with this small stand, I have also made a medium root stand that is available to purchase here.


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