Unique Flame Patina Wire Tree Sculpture


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For this wire tree sculpture I wanted to do something that was truly unique and one of a kind. I have been mastering the art of a flame patina applied to copper to bring out the aged beauty of the copper and all the subtly colourful undertones that accompany this ageing process. I have crafted a copper wire tree sculpture that has the appearance of being ‘burnt’ with no foliage remaining. The flame patina has brought out multiple gorgeous hues in the copper including purples, reds and silver. The piece has been lightly sealed to discourage further maturation of the patina and to preserve the colour spectrum photographed.

I have mounted this cleanly into a wooden plinth and avoided the addition of exposed roots because I wanted the emphasis to be on the tree and the flame patina with the base adding to this finish. Along with the flame patina I have selectively burnt the wood base to add visual appeal to the finished piece and to complement the subtle colours in the trees branches.

To me this tree highlights the destructive nature of fire but the ability for nature to always overcome this seemingly irreversible process.


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