• Green Crystal Bead Wire Tree Sculpture on driftwood base by Metal Bonsai MG262-7
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    Crystal Bead Collection

    I have compiled a selection of my crystal bead wire tree sculptures into a video. When I was going over my past wire tree sculptures I was surprised with just how many if these crystal trees I have crafted. Attaching the beads to the wire is a very time intensive task and hundreds of hours of work have gone into these trees. The majority of these pieces have found their forever homes with collectors, or been purchased as gifts for loved ones. A few are still available. If one catches your eye contact me to see if it is still available. If it isn’t I am also open for commissions,…

  • Pink Faceted Crystal Bead Wire Tree Sculpture On Wood Base by Metal Bonsai MG237-1

    What’s with the Crystal Wire Trees?

    So this first quarter of the year I have been experimenting with crystal beads on wire trees as the foliage instead of my normal style. After being making trees for a year, and cranking out about 200 in 2016, I decided I would switch it up a little. I have made a decent amount of crystal trees and feel they look great, if a bit different to my normal. Why do it, why not! I have evolved very quickly with my original style and re-setting back to not knowing what to do it good for the mind, if a bit frustrating at times! The crystal trees have to be built…