• Anniversary Gift Wire Tree Sculpture

    Wedding Anniversary Gifts

    I able to offer beautiful wedding cake toppers and also commission pieces designed as anniversary gifts. The following years of marriage are traditionally associated with specific precious gems so why not get a tree commissioned to that stone colour? With so many different stones available from Gold, Silver and Emerald to Ruby, I can make a tree to suit most budgets and match the colour of anniversary. We would work together to decide exactly what the tree would look like and ensure a prompt service and delivery in time for the special occasion. If you want to commission a tree for a special couple, please contact me.

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    Wedding Cake Toppers

    We are proud to announce a brand new product range from Metal Bonsai Studio, wedding cake toppers. The concept is each colour represents a person in the relationship, with their separate roots each coming from their own unique experiences and life. As the roots meet they start entwining with each other, separate at first but as we move up the trunk they been together seamlessly before becoming branches. The final part is the foliage where the two are mixed together randomly which completed the tree of their relationship and love. Each tree is carefully made to follow this concept, of which as a happily married man feel encapsulates what love…