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The Pandora Collection

Occasionally I feel inspired to create a collection of complementary wire tree sculptures. After watching ‘The Avatar’ I really wanted to create pieces where trees were growing on floating rocks. This collection would have to have at least one cascade style tree – as this is what naturally occurs on rockey terrain and cliff faces; the collection would definitely be missing something without it. I also wanted to push my creative boundaries by encorporating other bonsai styles into the rocky bases.

For the stone itself I wanted to choose a rock that would have an ethereal feel, as though they could be floating yet still look realistic – well as much as a floating rock set could! In the end I settled on ohko (dragon) stone. This stone has gorgeous shades of sandy and dark brown and is textured and air bubbled, to me appearing as though it could be floating between different atmospheric layers on an alien world.

The final collection consists of three complementary dioramas of wire tree sculptures. The pieces are crafted in such a way that they emulate the floating rocks of pandora, by pinning the stones securely above a plinth. The final pieces are sturdy, yet capture the elegance of the scene in Avatar. I was happy with the overall result, I managed to encorporate different tree styles and they all, in my opinion, look realistic enough for the trees to have taken root and grown in the rugged rocky substrate.

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