Walsall Studio Ceramics

Having been using pots from various online suppliers I felt it was time to connect with a UK company and start to specify exactly what style and finish I wanted in my pots. For this I chose Walsall Studio Ceramics. Run by David Jones and Mark Jones (no relation), they offer a service and product that is second to none. Throughout the process David was in communication with me and understood what I wanted to achieve with the first order. Upon receiving the 21 mame pot of varying shapes and glazes I was like a kid in a sweet shop! The quality of these little pots is excellent and the each glaze applied evenly and carefully instead of being slapped on like some! Although the mame pots are slip cast, each is originally designed by  Walsall Studio Ceramics and stamped with their seal.

I suspect if you are reading this you have some interest in bonsai trees, if so and you are looking for a very high quality and sensibly priced pot creator in the UK then look no further than Walsall Studio Ceramics. Highly recommended.

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