Pink Faceted Crystal Bead Wire Tree Sculpture On Wood Base by Metal Bonsai MG237-1

What’s with the Crystal Wire Trees?

So this first quarter of the year I have been experimenting with crystal beads on wire trees as the foliage instead of my normal style. After being making trees for a year, and cranking out about 200 in 2016, I decided I would switch it up a little. I have made a decent amount of crystal trees and feel they look great, if a bit different to my normal.

Why do it, why not! I have evolved very quickly with my original style and re-setting back to not knowing what to do it good for the mind, if a bit frustrating at times! The crystal trees have to be built in the opposite way to my normal all wire trees. Typically the all wires trees will be built from the root up to the branches and foliage, if applicable, whereas I cannot do this with the crystals and have to build it from foliage down to the root. (which I believe is the common way to make wire trees anyway!) This presented a couple of problems for me but with the creation of a custom tool I have got over them.

I have worked with variety of crystal sizes to get a feel for them, from 3mm faceted glass, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm which is on the dark green tree. Those 8mm beads, when you have 800 of them on a huge chunk of driftwood can make for one heavy sculpture! Currently the wire I am using, 0.315mm anodised copper seems strong enough to hold the weight but as I make larger trees I feel I with either need more wire per tree or a slightly thicker gauge. I am not too keen on thicker wires because last year I hurt my hand using a 0.6mm silver wire which has left me with a clicking tendon in my left hand! However the glass faceted beads have been hard going on my fingers but they have toughened up quickly!

Enough chat, time for some images! But if you have any feedback, I would love to hear it! Thanks.

These trees are also available to purchase, just click here to see them!

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