Stunning wire tree sculpture in Kawada pot
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Year of the tree: 2016 round up.

Wow, well what a year that was! After coming up with the idea of making wire tree sculptures on New Years day, by the end of the year I have created over 220 wire trees!

So what have I learnt from it all, well I know the skin on my fingers is certainly thicker! Obviously I got a lot better as time went on, and the first 6 months saw the most improvement. I have written a post about that here! I am pretty chuffed with how many I have sold in the first year and 2017 will comprise of going to a few arts and craft fairs to see what people think of my work.

I plan on experimenting for the first few months of 2017 as I have a ideas I want to play with to see if it evolves my style. I also want to create bigger wire trees (although I did damage my hand when building one that was around 30cm high!).

I appreciate all the support Amee my wife has given me, along with all the honest critique! Also to Andy at NorskiNoo Gallery for showcasing my work. I hope to get more trees in other galleries this year also.

Below you can find a best of 2016 video, these are the best trees made in that time, certainly not all of them made the cut.

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