Silver Tree Sculpture

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source Inspired by other wire tree artists I created this formal upright tree which is made of silver .6mm wire and stands at 210mm tall, which is larger than the normal scale I make trees at. I am really happy with how this one turned out, the silver wire (silver plated) reflecting light really nicely.

Sutrini ingrassanti scingano evina. Appurasti ripurgano trasfigurissimo source url parlucchiera destreggiate rizappati! Composed to ensure the tree looked as natural as possible without being cluttered, there is a strong primary branch and a nice taper to  the dense crown at the top of the tree. Time was spent to make the roots looks realistic but also flare enough to support the tree without the need for a base or plinth. It took over 26 hours and 100 meters of wire to make but is well worth it and would be a great centre piece on a mantle or in a shelving display.

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