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Hand crafted wire tree sculptures created by UK artist Matthew Gollop.

Created from hundreds of strands of wire which run from root to branch tip/ foliage cluster, the trees support themselves due to the way the wire is twisted. Each tree sculpture is unique, just like the real thing!

  • Wire Bonsai Tree Sculpture


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  • MG000146-1

    Beautiful Moyogi Bonsai Tree in Copper

    Sale! £159.00 £129.00
    • USD: $184.07
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  • MG000143-1

    Bunjin Literati Bonsai in Blue Pot

    Sale! £39.00 £29.00
    • USD: $41.38
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  • MB-145

    Canopy Bonsai Tree Sculpture on Bark Base

    Sale! £59.00 £49.00
    • USD: $69.92
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  • MG000142-1

    Copper Chokkan- Formal Upright in green pot

    Sale! £109.00 £89.00
    • USD: $126.99
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