Silver Formal Tree Sculpture on Shell

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go This is a formal silver wire tree sculpture crafted as a more traditional bonsai.

here I enjoy working with this antique silver coloured wire as it is sturdy yet light and really adds to the intricacy of the 3D foliage clumps that I craft. The tree has been mounted onto a shell where the white, brown and grey of the shell contrast subtly against the silver wire of the roots.

07fc73496997ccf07e2c2d9b727a0474 The use of natural materials really appeals to me as trees really highlight the beauty of nature. Using natural materials conforms to the natural elegance of the trees which is juxtaposed against the use of wire, a more industrial material of our modern homes, where this sculpture resides.

source site I have also created a similar shell mounted silver tree, this time of an informal bonsai. You can find this tree here. I think they look great together as a complimentary pair.


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