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Inspirational Artists- Clive Maddison

In the world of wire tree sculptures there are only really a few styles, realistic and stylised (think Ken To!). To make a tree out of wire that looks like a tree is relatively simple (not to say it does’t take a lot of skill to do) but to make it look exactly like a species of tree whether it be Oak, Cork, Scots Pine, can only be done by a very talented artist. The artist I am talking about is Clive Maddison.

Clive’s tree are outstanding representations of real world tree species and made out of only wire. A lot of his work is based on beautiful pieces of wood which display the tree well. Like myself I suspect Clive realises the beauty juxtaposition of a wire tree on a wood base. To really understand all this fanboyism you have to visit his website and drool over his outstanding work. Based in the UK, Clive is an artist of many levels with other areas of his website including model ship building, violin making, poem writing and more. He displays his tree sculptures in variety of shops and galleries in the UK.

Clive’s work is stunning, inspirational and I am a massive fan. When I first saw his art my mind was blown and it still is every time I look at his art.

Image belongs to Clive Maddison.

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